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Christmas Calendar: Order of Activities

We're always open to feedback and you asked for the order you would require the resources for the activities, so here you go!

christmas calendar

FYI, this list is a suggestion! As with all of our activities we encourage you to use household items or substitute those things you haven't got for things that you have before you race out to the shops!

Hope it helps!


1st: collection of paper, envelopes, stamps/ stickers, pens and pencils

2nd: old Christmas cards or just cardboard, hole punch, ribbon or wool

3rd: peppermint essence, cornflour, water

4th: brown paint, paper, red pom poms

5th: colour felt, glitter, glue

6th: white paper, buttons or pom poms

7th: plastic milk bottle, colour tissue paper, glue, battery powered fairy light

8th: red and white play dough

9th: envelopes and pens

10th: Christmas pictures or images

11th: baking tray, water, plastic people

12th: box, pens, pom poms

13th: shaving foam, paint, paper

14th: washi tape, paper, paint

15th: large paper, christmas objects, pen

16th: box, cotton wool

17th: stones, stickers or paint

18th: potato, paint, pillowcase

19th: lollipop sticks, paint

20th: cinnamon cereal, box or tray, scoops or spoons

21st: photos of family, cardboard tubes, pens

22nd: paper cups, sequins, glitter and ribbon

23rd: green food colouring, white chocolate, rice crispies, cookie cutters

24th: plastic toys, containers, water, gloves