Eating Out with Kids!

Ahhh can you remember the days when eating out was a treat? I absolutely loved dining out, especially on holiday! Hmmm... it's abit different these days with the kids around isn't it!

Trying to keep them entertained and in their seat whilst waiting for their food to arrive.

And it's funny how the days before I became a parent I would always think, I will bring my children out for dinner from a young age so they know how to behave in a restaurant. Well...we've eaten out since the early days and still no difference!! (hands in head!)

So I think it's time I step in with my playHOORAY! magic to give you some tips and ideas for eating out with kids. I'm not promising miracles and I would still advise having a well charged ipad in your bag!

1. Order the child's meal as soon as you arrive! Tell them to bring it out as soon as it's ready to help speed up the process. It also often means you get to have a drink and read the menu properly when their eating

2. Be prepared! It's always worth having a few toys, books or pens in the car at all times, just incase you go for that spontaneous meal. Most places are pretty good these days at having some colouring pencils for the kids, but still you don't want to risk it!

3. Choose wisely! Think carefully about where you are going to eat because there's nothing worse than arriving somewhere with no child's menu and absolutely nothing on there that they would eat. Trust me, we've made that mistake and it's really difficult!!

I have to say, from the many, many times we have eaten out with Mason. Pizza Express has always been a good option! This is not an ad, just wanted to share the fab experiences we've always had there! From a great menu with fab options for children, colouring in items and even getting involved in the kitchen and watching the chefs!

4. Have a restaurant pack at the ready! One of my top tips is to use a ziplock bag or pencil case and fill it with all the plastic crap you have! All those party bag fillers, kinder egg toys and happy meal gifts....yes those horrible things! Save them and pop them in the bag. They are perfect for taking out for a meal. The novelty of seeing the little toys they rarely play with is a great way to keep them happy and if they accidentally roll under the table and are lost, it's not such a big deal!

5. EATING OUT playPROMPTS of course! playHOORAY! is launching the EATING OUT playPROMPTS to help with those times you want to enjoy your meal. 100 activity ideas, conversation starters and games you can play with just the items on the table! No additional toys needed, simply pop the pack in your car, bag or pocket next time you're eating out and I'm sure they will help make it a more pleasurable experience for everyone.

eating out playPROMPTS

EATING OUT playPROMPTS arriving Friday 10th May, order on the playHOORAY! shop!

Happy Playing!

Claire x