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Everyday Adventures : National Play Day

This years National Play Day theme is ‘Everyday Freedoms Everyday Adventures’ and what a great excuse to create your very own playful adventures at home! Every year I like to celebrate children’s right to play by helping in the best way I know how, by sharing ideas and inspiration to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved!

I would love you to share your Everyday Adventures this week in support of National Play Day with family and friends and by tagging @play.hooray to help spread the word about the importance of play!

Adventurous Activity Ideas

Here I have gathered lots of activity ideas you could Set up at home and take your children on their own little adventure all in the name of PLAY! Like with everything I do, it doesn’t need to cost any money or require any more toys, using what you have at home with a little imagination can go a long way!

How about playing outside, exploring natural materials including MUD?! Yes it can be messy but my goodness it’s soo much fun!


Take an adventure in the dark or dusk! Something as simple as a torch can be lots of fun and you can create your own adventures!

Why not use the space under your tuff spot or dining table to create a little den? Super cosy and great for telling adventure stories!

What about a space adventure?! Gather a collection of shiny items and space books and pretend to zoom off into space!

Den building is a great way to start your adventure! Whether in your garden with canes or branches you find at a local park, what can you build?


Adventures can happen indoors too! Pack a bag to go to on an adventure with all the essential items and a map! A great way to encourage your child’s imagination and storytelling!

Whatever you choose to do, it will be a big deal to your child! Be adventurous with your play, try something new! After all, anything that sparks their imagination and gets them playing is a win! No matter how big or small!

For lots more playHOORAY! playful adventure ideas click here to see the EVERYDAY ADVENTURES board on Pinterest


Adventurous Books

Books are also a great way to encourage children to engage in adventures and feel motivated to explore! Here’s a good selection to inspire you and the kids. Click the photo for an aff link to Amazon...

Adventures Ideas

And for 100 easy, minimum prep, playful activities for the garden or outdoors, try out our outstanding OUTDOOR playPROMPTS. Using items from around the house or shed, these activity cards will provide lots of ideas for tired parents looking to get some fresh air into their kids, and they don’t all involve mud!! Click the image for more info!


And if you are looking to invest and add to your collection of resources, I have created a list of items I think you would get LOADS of use of at home with your little explorers! Click the picture below to browse the playHOORAY! Amazon shop aff link...

Adventurous Small Businesses
I would like to take this opportunity to include a few of my favourite small businesses who’s products will inspire your kids to take on adventures and make their own memories!

Click the images to view these awesome small businesses!

Little Hotdog Watson Super clever hats and sunglasses for kids!


Bundle Beds Self inflating mattress with duvet, pillow and jersey cotton sheets for kids and adults!


Squelch Wellies Mega cool clear wellies with bright and bold socks to proudly wear for puddling jumping!


Slipfree Kids non slip shoes for the beach, pool, soft play, gym and home!


Ink and Tot personalised family maps 


Everyday Adventures for Everyone!

And finally, I am delighted to share that I have teamed up with awesome Punk Box Tribe to create a cool free download for you to print off and make your own Everyday Adventure Binoculars using toilet rolls! Please do check them out, reusing household junk to create playful ways to keep the kids occupied, this fellow small business and their amazing products are so creative and the perfect collaboration for playHOORAY!

Click on the images below to visit their website, take a look around and download your Everyday Adventures Binoculars made especially for National Play Day!


I can’t wait to see your Playful Adventures at home this week to celebrate National Play Day on Wednesday 5th August! Please help me to share, shout and rave about the importance of PLAY and lets get more kids playing!

Happy Playing!

Claire x