Free days out with young children

August 26, 2018  |  Claire Russell

Two days ago I asked my wonderful followers for ways to spend time with children and in true form they certainly delivered! 

I think it’s so important, especially during school holidays that parents and carers do not feel pressured to pay huge chunks of money for days out as more often than not, our young children can be entertained on little or no money.

I must admit, I try to get my three and a half year old out everyday. We get up and go out first thing in the morning, return home for lunch and then we have the rest of the afternoon to spend at home playing at our own pace. I prefer to do it this way as the mornings are when but th of us have the most energy, by the afternoons I’m usually ready for a cuppa and sit down so this has always worked really well for us. Of course, everyone is different and it’s about making plans that suityou and your young child. 

At this point I would also like to add, that there are some days when leaving the house is too much. You might be exhausted, the weather might be poor or you just can’t face it, and that is fine! I do feel that leaving the house everyday can be really beneficial for both you and your little one but if you’re having a day where it just seems like a daunting task then don’t. Don’t put pressure on yourself, it’s about doing what you can and try to get out the next day. As you know now by my feed that you can entertain your child in plenty of ways at home.   

For those days you do want to get up and out, there are loads of things you can do without spending any money. Days out as a family can be expensive. They are lovely for a treat but do not have to be done everyday! The following list compiled by ideas from my followers, made up of parents, carers and educators so I’m sure there’ll be something on there to inspire you! 

My top tip for taking children out is trying to find something that follows their interest. As you know, if it doesn’t interest them it can be hard work! I know this is not possible all of the time but when you can that’s great. I remember for Masons birthday we took him to a safari park, which you can imagine wasn’t cheap! However, Mason is a vehicle fanatic and not much of an animal lover. He spent the whole day spotting the safari trucks and vehicles around the park. We joked that for the next birthday we’d be better sitting in a car park, but actually jokes aside, that wouldve been perfect for Mason!!

So, here’s the list of FREE things to do with your young child, I hope there’s something on there that inspires you or sparks a new idea!


  • Watching the cars from a motorway bridge

  • reading books at the library

  • looking at the animals in a pet shop

  • fruit picking

  • visit to the park

  • visit a garden centre

  • local

  • paddling pool

  • cycle tracks

  • feed the ducks

  • visit an allotment

  • look at the tents in a camping shop

  • go to the beach

  • looking at the diggers on a construction site

  • Dog walk

  • Geocaching 

  • visit an airfield

  • car garage

  • woodland walk to collect natural items

  • watching skydivers at Xscape

  • diy shops for colours swatches

  • running in a field

  • paddling in a stream

  • going to a picnic

  • jumping in puddles

  • electronics stores to see white goods

  • nature hunt

  • fairy hunt

  • paint rocks and hide around a local park

  • farm shops

  • lego shop

  • train station

  • picking Up the elastic bands from the postman 

  • chairty shops

  • playdates with friends

  • ikea!

And for my top 5 tips for surviving the school holidays, click to watch my YouTube video: here

Happy playing!

Claire x