The playful alternative to Elf on the Shelf...PLAY PUNKS!

Play punks elf on the shelf alternative
I know not everyone is a fan of the Elf on the Shelf and with the best will in the world it can be hard to remember to set up a new mischievous scenario every night! So we have our very own and much more playful alternative to Elf on the Shelf....The Play Punks!!

This adorable team of four are dedicated to getting the kids playing and kindly deliver playPROMPTS with new activity ideas to young children. The Play Punks shift the focus from 'being good' to being playful and motivate children to want to play with their carefully selected play ideas.

Leave a Play Punk out each morning or night with a new playPROMPT invitation to play. And the best bit, because our activity cards use household items to keep the kids busy, you don't need to buy anything new! 
Elf on the shelf play punks alternative

Each Play Punk has it's own personality and encourages a different type of play. Pea is playful and likes to use bits from the recycling box to make up games, Elle is all about learning new skills, Aye has a love for seeking new adventures and Why helps children to be mindful. Which Play Punk do you think would best suit your child?

Click here to check out the Play Punks and enjoy all the playful memories you're about to create with your kids! That's much more fun the Elf on the Shelf!!

Happy Playing!