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Pick Your Play- FREE printable

This fun printable has been made for you to print and enjoy at home! Encourage your kids to take ownership of their play and choose what they would like to do! Simply download and print this fun 'Pick Your Play' page, and stick it somewhere the children can reach. They will love tearing off the little tickets and deciding what to do. I cannot wait to see what you get up to, please tag @play.hooray in your play pictures for me to share on social media! And remember to send this onto your friends, who might always be looking for a helping hand when it comes to entertaining the kids! Happy Playing! Claire x

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Play for All Ages!

With the thought of schools possibly closing (or for many schools already closed) the idea of having the kids at home all day to entertain can fill us with dread! Especially if you are also trying to hold down a job or care for younger siblings too. A difficult task indeed. Therefore, I have created lots of free downloads for you to print and use at home catering for lots of ages of children. I am guessing if schools do close they will be providing school work/ homework to keep children learning. However, we all know they won't want to do that all day everyday so play is a great way to break up the day but continue to support...

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Stuck Indoors with Kids!

Whatever the reason, we can sometimes find ourselves stuck indoors trying to entertain the kids. And that's when the reality of just how long the day really is when there's no choice to leave the house. Well I'm no fairy godmother and cannot promise miracles but I can certainly help when it comes to keeping the kids busy with limited it my super power!!  And let's be honest, we've all sat and played with the kids for what feels like hours and it's only been 10 minutes or looking at the clock and the afternoons seem to drag. My best advice for this would be to break down your day into chunks of time, perhaps hourly slots. Be clear...

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