Taste Safe Messy Play Ideas for Babies

Taste safe messy play sensory baby ideas activity parents toddlers months old years

Ahhh it’s so hard isn’t it when your little one puts everything in their mouth and I mean everything!! You want to do all the activities that you’ve seen on Pinterest but you just now whatever you put out will end up in the mouth! So I’m hoping this blog post can help provide you with some ideas.

Before we start, do you know why babies i’m toddlers put everything in their mouth? Well from about three months as their hand eye coordination improves, they learn how to reach out and grab objects, and a baby will instinctively put it into their mouth and this is how they explore the world. The mouth is full of sensory nerve endings and this is how a baby learns about what objects are. And once a baby is on the move, they are likely to taste objects even more! This can also be a sign of teething too as it can offer relief to sore gums.

Taste safe messy play sensory baby ideas activity parents toddlers months old years

This is an important developmental stage and sensory play is really important to a baby and young child as it helps strengthen connections in the brain which is great for later on in life as they learn and grow. 

Therefore if you are looking for ways to play with your little one, there are taste safe activities you can do at home that offers sensory development but reassuring for you that when they do taste the items, it’s safe (allergies depending!) 

Always supervise play to ensure your baby is happy and safe!

Taste safe messy play sensory baby ideas activity parents toddlers months old years

Ten Taste Safe Messy Play Ideas for Babies

1. Yoghurt finger paint

White is great or use food colouring to make it even more appealing!

2. Spaghetti

Cook spaghetti and let it cool, then let your little one explore these slippery pieces with their hands and mouth.

3. Cereal Sand

Blitz cereal in a blender until it becomes powder and explore with spoons or scoops in a tray.

4. Citrus water play

Slices of lemons, oranges or limes added to a water tray smell delicious and safe if your little one has a little lick too!

5. Jelly smash

Its wobbly, it’s colourful and it’s wonderful to smash and splat but safe if they have a taste!

6. Cocoa mud

Cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder mixed with a bit of water until wet and gloopy looks like mud but tastes much better! Add plastic bugs for a fun activity!

7. Fun foam

Whisk up the water saved from a tin of chickpeas to make an unusual foam textures for little hands to explore!

8. Porridge oats

These are great in a large box with scoops and pots for lots of filling and emptying, and safe if they taste too.

9. Peas in water

This just looks sooo cute and if you add a sieve will invite little ones to scoop out and maybe nibble!

10. Cornflour gloop or oobleck

Cornflour mixed with water has a really unusual texture but this is something used in cooking so ok for little tummies if they have a taste!

Taste safe messy play sensory baby ideas activity parents toddlers months old years

And if there are some play items you want to explore with your baby but worry about that putting them in their mouths, you can always pop them into ziplock bags or clear plastic bottles. Secure with tape and then let your child explore, safe in the knowledge that they cannot swallow it! 

For lots more easy and simple play ideas for your baby, check out BABY playPROMPTS activity cards which contains 100 fun things to do at home using household items! 

Happy Playing!