Ways to Play with Washi Tape

Ok so you’ve bought a multi pack of brightly coloured washi tape mainly because I’ve told you that you NEED it in your play cupboard...but now what?! 

I get asked what to do with Washi Tape at least once a day, so thought it was time to write a list of simple ideas.

To be honest I had all intentions of making this a fancy download sheet however as I’m in lockdown just like you, I’m sure you can sympathise that I am struggling to find a child free hour in the day at the moment, when I do a moment, I have a list as long as my arm to get done!! 

So for now, please bear with my jottings of ideas and maybe one day I’ll make it fancy for you!! Ha ha!

 40 ways to play with Washi tape:

  • Lions mane pictures
  • Peel for babies
  • Make Roads
  • Greeting cards for family and friends
  • Rainbows across the floor or windows
  • Patterns on cards for matching 
  • Wrapping up items
  • Decorating toilet roll bangles
  • Flower pictures 
  • Road maps on large paper 
  • Farm fields for toy animals 
  • Make over Duplo blocks 
  • Decorate pens
  • Floor targets
  • Shapes On the floor for sorting
  • Sorting for toys 
  • Ladder game on floor 
  • Long jump measure 
  • Measuring different lengths of tape
  • Make a maze 
  • Obstacle course
  • Play room wall decor
  • Calendar on the wall
  • Decorate pegs for colour matching 
  • Make your own bookmarks
  • Matching lollipop sticks
  • Tape resist art
  • Rainsticks
  • Simple sun catchers 
  • City scapes
  • Letter initials and decorate 
  • Skeleton pictures 
  • Cutting up scissor practise 
  • Make frames for artwork
  • Hanging decorations or bunting 
  • Hopscotch on floor
  • Letters on floor to trace 
  • Ten frames
  • Decorate playroom wall with house outline 
  • Make over book shelves 

Surely that should give you something to do with your washi tape!! And as always tag me in your play pictures, I love to see what you get up to!

Happy Playing

Claire x