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playHOORAY! is super duper excited to announce the playPROMPTS APP is now available! This app will put play inspiration at your fingertips! Designed to inspire play for babies, toddlers and young children, these 100 realistic ideas take minimum prep and will provide maximum play! The playPROMPTS app is available on both Android and Apple devices!
Simply click the buttons below to download the app,make use of all those resources you already have at home and get the kids playing straight away!
playHOORAY! cannot wait to see your play adventures so make sure you use the Fan Mail option within the app to send us your photos for us to share on social media!

 Happy Playing!

download the playPROMPTS app today on Apple and Android | playHOORAY!
the playPROMPTS app contains 100 play ideas for 1+, 3+ & 5+ year olds  | playHOORAY!
turn household items into playful activities for your young kids at home | playPROMPTS app | playHOORAY!
activity ideas come with a colour photo, instructions, prep time indicator and the skills your child is developing | playPROMPTS app | playHOORAY!
a checklist of all the resources required is included | playPROMPTS app | playHOORAY!
free downloads of checklists to help your play at home | playPROMPTS app | playHOORAY!


  Customer Reviews

"Thank you ever so much for coming up with the app. It's brilliant I've just downloaded. It means I can set up small activities for my 3 year old. Whilst taking care of my 8 week old."
"I love this app! I have a 1 year old and 4 year old and it is packed full of quick and easy play ideas to keep them entertained and help with their learning while having fun. Brilliant!"
"It's brilliant! Congratulations!"
"Lovely little app and so well set out. Perfect for my 2 and 4 year olds!"
"Fantastic activities. Lots of thought has gone into this - looking forward to trying them all out."
"Really usable and lots of great ideas - literally at my fingertips. Can't wait to explore it more!"
"Love the new app! So easy to use and great to see the play ideas listed by materials. Thank you for bringing fresh life into play for us."
"A great app full of Claire’s quick and creative ways to play with little ones. Great to have all these ideas so close to hand!"

Please note:

Anyone using the older version of the FREE playPROMPTS web app launched last year, this service will be terminating within the next three now that this new version has even MORE activities to inspire you, now is a good time to make the switch!