10 Lunar New Year Activities

As a teacher and a parent, I have always loved learning about and teaching young children about celebrations and traditions from around the world! Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year has always been a favourite!
Whether you celebrate this annual event at home or not, it’s still important our children learn about cultures other than their own.
Play is a great way to learn and explore celebrations and a good opportunity for children to ask questions! And remember you don’t have to have all the answers!! It’s perfectly ok to find out more together! There are some great resources online, in books and on TV! 

Here are 10 Lunar New Year activities:
1. A themed sensory tray/ box filled with lots of items that represent the Lunar New Year. Red and Gold and significant colours in the Chinese culture so gathering a collection of these coloured items looks really inviting and effective, making children want to interact with the activity. (see end of blog for where I bought these items!)

2. This one is so simple but really lovely to do with young children...