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Claire Russell | Early Years Specialist | playHOORAY!

Welcome to playHOORAY! community of parents, carers and educators here to celebrate the wonderful world of PLAY!

For anyone caring for babies and young children, playHOORAY! is here to offer a helping hand on those days you need it.

playHOORAY! is all about equipping you with the tools to entertain your young children. You do not need a houseful of expensive toys to get the kids playing. It’s amazing what you can create with the items you already have around the house and eagle eye for ‘play potential’.

Let me share with you realistic play ideas that you can copy at home without the need of a shopping list! Find playHOORAY! on social media for daily inspiration and L!VE play demonstrations from Claire’s kitchen where viewing with a cup of tea is compulsory!! 

playHOORAY! is also passionate about supporting you to play. When it comes to young children, it’s not easy so we’d like to help. You are invited to join any of the 10 Facebook community groups full of fellow parents, carers and educators. A positive and supportive space to ask questions, ask for help and share what you’re doing at home! Our blog posts are also a useful space to browse and read when the kids are in bed and learn more about the power of play.

And did you know we also offer our very own range of activity cards? Introducing you to... playPROMPTS! Realistic play ideas with minimum prep and maximum play! Browse our range of over 20 packs catering for a variety of ages and themes of play to suit your child’s needs. And as we all know, kids love to see their names on everything, we are now super excited to offer our personalised range too!

playHOORAY! is passionately run by Claire, Mum to four year old Mason and Early Years Specialist who’s on a mission to spread the word about play!

Thanks for coming to play!

Claire xx