10 ways to play with Cardboard

Who else always seems to have mounds of cardboard recycling?!

Sometimes the boxes can be just too good to throw away, but what can you do with them?

Well I am here to help. Below I have 10 different ways to use up that cardboard and create some very simple activities. 

1. Counting activities. 

2. Create some houses for pretend play.

3. Make a pretend computer or laptop. 

4. Make a pretend cafe with cardboard food. 

5. Make an art easel.

6. Make a ATM!

7. Make a toy car garage. 

8. Make a pizza oven with cardboard pizzas.

9. Make a baby sensory den.

10. Use for threading and posting items.

The list of activities really is endless.  I hope these inspire you and your little ones to explore, play and have lots of fun.

Happy Playing!