10 Ways to Play with Pumpkin Seeds

As you already know I’m a big fan of using items that we would normally bin without a second thought. ‘Play Potential’ as I like to call it is when our everyday items destined for the bin could actually be used in a variety of ways to offer play activities for our young children!

And pumpkin seeds can also be included in this!

In years gone by I would have thrown the centre of the pumpkin in the bin however, these days we save the seeds to be used for play! 

Simply scoop out the seeds, rinse with water and then dry out in a low temperature oven for approx 30mins. And now you’re ready to play!!

Playing with pumpkin seeds

Here’s 10 ways to play with pumpkin seeds...

1. Dye them

Use food colouring or paint to add colour for lots of sorting or even to use in a sensory box, add scoops and tubs too!

2. Sensory bag

Add to a ziplock bag with a little water or the other leftovers from the pumpkin. Secure with tape and allow your little one to poke, prod and explore!

3. Counting

Pair with an old egg box or muffin tray for counting out!

4. Tweezers

why not let little hands practise picking up the tiny seeds with tweezers or tongs for great fine motor control practise!

5. Art pictures

use them with glue to make beautiful pieces of art! 

6. Slime

add to orange slime or play dough for a new sensation!

7. Letters

using a marker pen write on little letters for your child to practise building words or spelling their name! You could do the same with numbers!

8. Shakers

pour into a container or tube to make your own musical instrument!

9. Grow

hollow our your pumpkin, fill with soil and plant your pumpkin seeds! Your little one will love taking care of them and giving the seeds a water!

10. Taste them! 

Cook them on a low temperature with a sprinkle of cinnamon for a tasty new snack!

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Please share your play pics with @play.hooray so I can see what you get up to!

Happy Playing!