10 Ways to Play with your Newborn Baby

After the guests have left and you steadily start to get yourself into some sort of routine (ish!) You might find yourself in the same position I was. You’re playing with your baby but dare I say...starting to get a little bored?! Playing the same thing repetitively can be a little tiresome for someone who’s already surviving on no sleep so it’s not surprising you feel the need to dash out and buy all the baby toys you can find!

Well firstly just to reassure you, you’re not the only one. That’s exactly what I did! I bought all the big plastic, flashing, noisy toys I could find. But actually more toys aren’t the answer.

Repetitive play can be boring for you but it’s certainly not boring for your baby so never worry about that. Playing the same thing time and time again can be very beneficial for babies and young children as it allows them to embed any new skills they are learning and they also enjoy knowing what’s coming up next.

But we also know the days at home with a baby can be lovely but also very long and you just want something else other than your usual play ideas.

How to Play with a Newborn Baby 

If you are looking for some simple ways to entertain your baby, particularly when they’re tiny, why not try;

1. Talking to your baby. Tell give them a running commentary as though they are talking back to you.

2. Singing. Singing anything and everything to your baby. They will love hearing your voice being used in different ways...and not just nurseru rhymes!

3. Reading. A super easy way to start playing with your baby. It doesn't feel like they are getting much from it but trust me they are!

4. Fresh air walks. Whatever the weather, get wrapped up and head outdoors even just for a short walk, no matter how tired you are it will always make you feel better!

5. Stroking. Touch can be very effective with babies, lots of stroking, carressing and gentle talk to your baby all helps with bonding.

6. Eye contact. Get down on your babies level and make good eye contact when you sing, talk and read, they love to see your face.

7. Playing with different voices. Use your voice in a variety of ways talk, singing, whipser, use silly voices!

8. Dancing together. Put on some music, doesn't just have to be nursery rhymes, hold them close and have a dance!

9. Gentle Rocking. Hold you baby and rock side to side, forwards and backwards. It's all great for their core strength and lots of fun to do together!

10. Massage. There are lots of amazing baby massage classes around the country, I highly recommend you attend a couple to give you some techniques and ideas to copy at home especially after bath time!

And remember, if you're looking for more ways to play with your baby, whether newborn or growing up...we have the BABY playPROMPTS activity cards containing 100 simple ways to play to help stimulate and support your babies development.

how to play with a newborn baby - play prompts playHOORAY!

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