100 number & letter play ideas

Watching children get acquainted with letters and numbers is always exciting! But having a quick and easy activity to help them learn through playing can be difficult.

Well, I am here to help... here are my top 5 ways to encourage your little ones learn different number and letters.

1. Write numbers onto mall pieces of card. Give your child a hole punch to make the correct amount of holes to match the digit.

2. Collect a variety of simple images and write letters on pegs. Can your little writer match the letter to the first sound of the word?

3. Take it in turns to roll a dice and count the dots. Tick off the numbers on your paper until you have 1-6.

4. Draw numbers onto paper plates. Using dominoes can you collect all of those that show that number in different ways?

5. Draw letters with chalk on the floor or walls outside for your little one to scrub out with a wet sponge.


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