100 preschool play ideas


Sometimes we just need 5 minutes, to catch up on an email or put some washing away. Our little ones at this age are always exploring, but can also play more independently with encouragement.

Well, I am here to help... here are my top 5 ways to encourage your pre-schoolers to play both independently and as a family.

1. Wrap toy animals in elastic bands for little hands to peel off and rescue.

2. Tape number flash cards at the side of your stairs and count every time you go up and down!

3. Place old felt tip pens into a spray bottle with water and let your little one spray big sheets of paper.

4. Encourage your little one to roll long strips of paper around a pencil. Its fiddly for little fingers.

5. Make a simple i-spy bag by hiding small toys in rice in a zip lock bag.


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