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2019 Play Predictions

So thinking forward to the year ahead, I've made some predictions about play in 2019...

1. Less single use plastic- as many of us are keen to have a positive impact on our planet for future generations, we are going to be more conscious when choosing to use plastic in play, particularly single use. Wooden and metal resources as fanastic alternatives and not always the expensive option
2. Outdoor play- hand in hand with less plastic means children exploring nature and the outdoors. Introducing nature to children at a young age can encourage curiosity and appreciation for the world around them.
3. Play dates- it can be a lonely business being a parent or carer at home with young ones all day. There seem to be lots of wonderful groups, apps and social media pages set up to encourage parents to meet and support each other. I hope to do more work this year to encourage this as I know from personal experience it is to make friends and socialise when caring for a baby.
4. Problem Solving- now this is something I am really passionate and will be covering a lot this year. Problem solving isn't just a mathematical skills it can also support children to be independent thinkers and proactive. Look out for more activities to encourage this!
5. Talking Emotions- awareness is growing around the importance of mental health and the younger we encourage our children to talk about their emotions, feelings and worries the better. I think we will be looking at more play ideas to support this for children of all ages to support their wellbeing.

I'd love to hear what you think. What do you think is going to be popular with play this year?

Happy Playing!

Claire x