Autumnal Resource List

September 3, 2017  |  Claire Russell

As the Summer holidays draw to a close, I thought it was time to look ahead to the next season...Autumn. This is a lovely season, with lots of celebrations and changes happening in the natural environment for young children to observe.


So here's my list of resources I feel is worth collecting or keeping a look out in the shops ready for the new season...


1. Take out a collection of autumnal themed books both fiction and non-ficiton from a local library

It's nice to have a breath of fresh new books to add to your collection. If you're anything like us you end up reading the same ones over and over again!


2. Stocking up your food colouring collection

It's worth making sure you have orange, red, brown and black. I use Sugaflair (available from Amazon) 

With Halloween and Autumn around the corner, you're probably going to be making lots of playdough and dying pasta so these will come in handy!


3. Top up your Art Box

With wet weather and days being cooped up indoors, your little ones are going to want to get creative so have items such as glue, paint, brushes, paper and card in a variety of colours, stickers, pom poms and crayons


4. Natural Collections

Whilst out walking its worth collecting pine cones, conkers and a rainbow of leaves to be used for a variety of activities


5. Washi Tape

This is a really versatile resource that will come in handy when you need to occupy a tiny person either inside or out. It can be used for creating art pieces, roads and car parks or for simply letting little fingers peel off!


6. Poundshop Merchandise

With celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali just around the corner there will be lots of lovely resources available in the shops. Look out for lots of spiders, themed pasta shapes (for both dinner and sensory boxes) and other bits and pieces. I'll be on the look out too and no doubt they will feature on my feed over the next few weeks!


7. Tablecloths

Either plastic or material these can be used for den building as well as backgrounds for setting up activities. Colours such as black, green, blue and white are worth having in as they can be used for many different themes. You can pick these up in charity shops if you keep a look out!


8. Water tray resources

The weather will soon be getting cooler so it's worth collecting a few water tray resources before it's too cold for little fingers. Things like plastic bottles, pipes and guttering are all inviting resources once added to water will make any activity irresistible!


9. Hot Chocolate Powder

This time of year, as the days are cooler when you've been out exploring there's nothing nicer than coming home to a cup of hot chocolate! This is also a great resource for making pretend mud and messy play activities so why not put a cheap supermarket own brand in your basket next time you're there?


10. Tools

It's always great worth practicing fine motor skills so things like tweezers, tongs, different sized spoons, scissors and mashers are all worth having in your resources cupboard for those 'what shall we do today?' kind of days! 


Hope this helps! You don't necessarily need it all but worth having in mind for when you're out and about! As always I will be sharing any bargains I come across in well known stores as I see them!


Bring it on Autumn, we're ready for you!