Baby Play Essentials

August 21, 2018  |  Claire Russell

Whether you've treated yourself you and your baby to a pack of the first year playPROMPTS or you've bought them as a gift for a friend, I am often asked for a list of essential items for baby play.


Now the whole idea behind all of the pack of playPROMPTS is that they support you to entertain your baby or young child at home without feeling the need to buy yet MORE toys! And more often than not, you will be surprised at the play potential in everyday items you already have around the house!


However, there are a few bits and pieces you can pick up in pound shops, supermarkets, second hand websites or charity shops for very little money that will support your baby's play.


Here's a list of items I recommend that work great with the first year playPROMPTS!


- plastic balls (ball pit size or sensory)

- pom poms (art section of pound shop)

- tray (baking tray, serving tray, ikea tray etc all work well!)

- mirrors (baby section of pound shops have plastic bath mirrors)

- scarves (click here for the ones I use- aff link)

- basket (any style or box works well)

- bells (art section of pound shops or music)

- post-it notes 

- washi tape (I use the packs from BM stores)

- shower puffs


- food colouring (click here for the ones I use- aff link)

- ziplock bags (Ikea ones are strongest!)

- balloons

- clear plastic bottles (any type!)

- muffin tray

- plastic animals


Hope that helps!


Happy Playing!


Love Claire x