Baby Sensory Advent Calendar

Baby sensory play activity advent calendar parents toddler activity simple easy
It can be tricky to think of ways to include your baby / toddler in the festive fun sometimes so thought I would create an advent calendar this year filled with lots of sensory play items.

The majority of the items I have used we already owned as your little ones don’t need new items all the time and Christmas is expensive enough already!

My idea is to choose one item each day to use in our play…super simple but will be so much fun!

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for ways to play with the items, make sure you have our baby mini playPROMPTS to give easy ideas to hand!

Click here to check them out!

Baby sensory play playPROMPTS packs activity cards

Here's a list of the items I included in my Baby Sensory Play Advent Calendar…
1. Sensory scarf 
Sensory scarf
2. Reflective blanket
Sensory play blanket
3. Wooden figures and trees
baby sensory play advent
4. Christmas book- Little Robin Red Vest
baby sensory advent toddler
5. Novelty tin
baby sensory advent toddler
6. Mirrored blocks
baby sensory advent toddler
7. Shiny ball and mirrors
baby sensory advent toddler
8. Flashing lights
baby sensory calendar toddler
9. Christmas cookie cutters
baby sensory toddler advent christmas
10. Test tube with jewels
baby sensory advent christmas toddler
11. Shiny sponge
baby sensory christmas advent sponge
12. Christmas bath mitt
baby sensory advent christmas toddler bath mitt
13. Star puppet
baby sensory christmas advent star puppet
14. Christmas bells
christmas bells baby sensory advent toddlers
15. Sensory bottle
sensory bottle play baby advent christmas toddler
16. Shiny bows and ribbon
christmas bows baby sensory advent toddler
17. Fillable bauble and bells (taped!)
fillable bauble christmas advent baby sensory
18. Plastic Christmas figures
plastic tree people christmas sensory baby toddler advent
19. Hoops and bangles
bangles hoops rings christmas advent baby sensory toddler
20. Battery powered lights
battery powered light baby sensory toddler
21. Sequinned material
sequin material baby sensory toddler christmas advent
22. Soft Snowball 
snowball baby sensory advent christmas toddler
23. Gingerbread figure and cinnamon
gingerbread cinnamon christmas advent baby sensory toddler
24. Clear container with rice and snowman figure
snow globe snowman christmas advent baby sensory

Happy Playing!