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Gifts New Parents ACTUALLY Want!


This list of suggestions was collected from a question box on Instagram from the playHOORAY! Community and the answers were so great, I just had to share them with you, so that next time you're buying for a friend with a new arrival you've got a handy list of what new parents REALLY want!

  • friend taking older siblings out
  • feeding night light
  • Just Eat voucher (this was the most suggested gift!)
  • zip sleepsuits
  • nappies in all sizes
  • a bottle of Whispering Angel
  • home cooked meals
  • an apple tree to grow with the baby
  • a week food shop
  • extra large mulins
  • a voucher for a meal out
  • 'Cook' voucher
  • Spa voucher 
  • interactive playmats
  • Etta Loves
  • mug warmer
  • cheeky wipes
  • bubble bath set
  • someone taking washing away and returning clean and folded!
  • cake
  • medicinal bits for baby
  • a cleaner once a week for 6 weeks
  • time capsule kit
  • books with hand written note
  • dressing gown, loungewear or pjs
  • Totter and Tumble mat
  • baby sling
  • brownies delivery
  • haribo
  • sensory toys
  • playPROMPTS (a few people actually said that!)
  • surprise Dominoes delivery
  • chocolate
  • M&S dine in meal for two
  • mowing the lawn / gardening
  • theatre tickets for date night
  • handheld vacuum cleaner
  • trunki suitcase
  • star suit
  • cheese board
  • flask and slow cooker
  • snoozeshade
  • big knickers!

These are brilliant suggestions, I hope they inspire you!!

Our playPROMPTS activity cards are a lovely alternative for any new parents to help fill the days once the guests have left and some sort of routine kicks in! Pair with some other essential items and you'll have a gift every new parent would love and appreciate! SHOP HERE!