Let's play with Pom Poms!

Struggling with some simple ideas to play at home? Then this blog post is for you!

I have created 7 different activities using the same resource.....Pom Pom's. These are great activities to have available and will definitely keep your little one busy whilst you enjoy a cuppa in peace!

1. Colour sorting.

Using plastic building blocks, your little one can enjoy some colour matching and sorting!

2. Sweeping.

Mark out a large square using washi tape and let your little one sweep the Pom Pom's into the square.

3. Posting and colour matching.

Using an old egg box. Cut some holes in the bottom and colour in to match your Pom Pom's. A great activity for little hands!

4. Highchair activity.

Not forgetting babies and toddlers... Simply fill a whisk with chunky Pom Pom's for them to pull out.

5. Scooping and sorting.

This activity is great for bath time or even some simple outdoor water play. Scatter some Pom Pom's into the water and using a sieve let your little one scoop them out and sort into the matching cups.

6. Ice play!

Simply freeze some Pom Pom's in your ice cube tray for a wonderful sensory experience.

7. Pom Pom cannon!

Using a cardboard tube and a balloon, fill the tube with Pom Pom's and cover the end with the balloon!

I hope you enjoy these activites and please don't forget to share them on our Instagram @play.hooray.

Happy playing!

Claire x