playPROMPTS Inspire Mrs Hinch Playtime with Ronnie ❤️

Mrs Hinch Ronnie playPROMPTS activity cards

Wow, what a day! 

This morning as I was preparing for my Wild Wednesdays L!VE play session, my phone suddenly started ‘pinging!’ I was so busy dashing around finding sticks, pebbles and conkers for my live I didn’t get chance to stop and read what was going on! Until the moment just before I pressed the ‘Go Live’ button I saw what had happened!! 

The ever so lovely Mrs Hinch had kindly shared the most adorable video of her and her beautiful son Ronnie exploring playPROMPTS activity cards. 
Click here to watch the lovely video!

Mrs Hinch playPROMPTS Ronnie activity cards
The activity they had chosen to do was a mark making focus which is a fun way of encouraging little ones to learn how to draw, make marks and write in a fun and playful way! Little did Ronnie know that he was learning and developing lots of amazing skills!

I loved the way that Mrs Hinch had emptied the pack of playPROMPTS into and empty basket for Ronnie to select an activity at random, how amazing is that! What a fun way to use the playPROMPTS! Or perhaps you prefer to flick the kettle on and then pick out the cards yourself! However you choose to use our playPROMPTS activity cards the idea is to make playing at home as easy as possible for you and your little ones! Enjoy spending time together playing and making special memories together just like Mrs Hinch and Ronnie did today!

Mrs Hinch Ronnie playPROMPTS

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Happy Playing!