Red Nose Day Play

National awareness days like Comic Relief provide the perfect reason to theme your play!


Here’s just a few ideas to help inspire your ‘Red Nose Day’ activities!


  • Make your own red nose!
  • Bake cupcakes with red faces or rice crispy cakes with cherries on top!
  • Make red bunting to hang in the windows
  • Have a red themed day! Get out the red play dough, make a red themed sensory basket, or dress up in red!
  • Cut out or draw face templates and invite your child to stick bright red pom poms on as noses!


  • This year is all about superheroes so why not make up your own! What will they look like? What will they wear? What will their name be and most importantly, what superpowers will they have?
  • Play a game of throw the red nose in to the bucket
  • Have a red nose and spoon race!
  • Set up a red nose day scavenger hunt by hiding red noses around the house (a template can be found on the Comic Relief website)
  • Stick the red nose on the teddy! (again you can find a template on the Comic Relief website)

There are loads more free resources on the official Comic Relief website HERE, and HERE, including sticker and face mask templates, colouring sheets, recipe cards, quizzes and games.