Stages of Early Writing

Learning how to write is certainly not an easy task, especially for our young children yet we still expect so much from such a young age!

Lets think about the skills involved when a child attempts to write;

Firstly they have the physical task of not only holding the pencil but manipulating it to do what they want with control and precision. 

The the child thinks what they want to write, they need to remember what they want to write and then use their knowledge of phonics to identify the individual sounds, remember how they are represented by letters and attempt to form them on the paper! Phew! 

So because it is such a huge task with many skills which need to be mastered, it’s important we give children the freedom to explore and play with making marks with plenty of praise and encouragement!

The following stages are approximate guides and as we all know children grow and develop at their own pace and in their own way. Please use the following as a helping hand rather than a checklist. 


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