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Table Talk - Encouraging Conversation at the Dinner Table

The dinner table is the perfect place to catch up on everyone’s day and enjoy a good old natter while also boosting speech and language development and encouraging good listening. Not to mention, it can help keep their bum firmly on their seat – helping to stop them from becoming distracted and getting up and down like a yo-yo! But sometimes just getting kids to eat takes every ounce of effort you have without having to think up conversation starters too! Whether you’re dining at home or heading out to a restaurant I’ve put together five effective prompts to encourage little ones to get chatting.



  • Give everyone the opportunity to tell the family what the best part of their day has been. Asking a specific question like this gives children some direction as opposed to simply asking ‘how was your day’? Also, unless they are very forthcoming, then it can be a good idea to start by talking about your day first. Try changing up the question each day: What made them laugh/smile? Who did something nice for them? Or what did they do nice for somebody else? What was the best thing they played? If it’s breakfast time, perhaps try asking what they are most looking forward to about the day?

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