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Continue the Play After The Baby Club

If you haven't seen it yet, The Baby Club is a new TV programme available on Cbeebies and BBC iplayer to interact and stimulate young babies. Having said that, Mason is four now and he was gripped watching it too! I think one of the main reasons I adore this new show is because it shows parents and carers how household items can provide lots of entertainment at home, which you know is something close to my heart and the reason why I developed playPROMPTS activity cards. And because they're household items, you can have them ready before the shows starts so you can join in at home. If you follow the presenters or The Baby Club on social media,...

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'Play Potential' is a phrase I use a lot but you may be left wondering what on earth I'm on about...don't worry you're certainly not the only one!! Play Potential is a phrase I use to describe the opportunities for play a toy or resource offers. So to put it simply, how many different ways it can be used in play. For a toy, it might be that it has more than one purpose or function. How many times have you bought a toy for a young child that actually offers very little entertainment with only one or very few varieties for play? Trust me, I've been bought many and they are often the expensive ones with bright lights and...

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Stocking Fillers!

November 21, 2018  |  Claire Russell   In response to the many, many, MANY questions about stocking fillers on our social media pages, I just had to write a little list of my favourite stocking fillers in the hope of providing some inspiration!   There are so many wonderful bits and pieces out there to pop in little ones stockings that don't have to cost the earth but will provide more entertainment than a piece of plastic tat- because we all have enough of that already don't we!!   So here's my quick list of stocking filler suggestions! Please note, I have tagged some small businesses but these are not paid or gifted ads, they are just amazing people creating...

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