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Mud Kitchens

As the weather gets warmer and you're spending more time outside, you might be looking for something new to play with the kids. Mud kitchens are becoming a popular household item and can be a very attractive addition to a garden set up.  I am a huge fan of mud kitchens but that certainly doesn't mean that I am telling you to go out and spend a lot of money on one! Yes there are some beautiful mud kitchens now made by small businesses and by simply searching #mudkitchen on Instagram will pull up plenty of options for you. As well as these, some of the bigger brands and supermarkets are also starting to sell them too. An alternative idea...

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Summer Holiday Survival

Visual timetables: Time is a tricky concept to young children so when we are talking about the weeks of the summer holidays or counting down to an event it can help be really useful to help them visualise the days. Try having a weekly calendar with a peg or sticker to mark the days of the week. This also works really well for counting down to holidays or birthdays too!!   Prepare for the day: Some children can find it hard to be ‘off timetable’ they like routine and like to know what is happening. That’s why you can often be asked a hundred times when Grandma is arriving! Therefore something I like to do with Mason in the morning...

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