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Are you struggling with play at home? Perhaps you're looking for ideas but also want advice tailored to suit the needs of your children? Play is harder than you think, it's not an easy task keeping young children entertained at home, especially when you're busy or exhausted! But it's ok, Claire can help!

Book a friendly 1-to-1 session with Claire to talk about all things play! During this call, Claire can tailor her advice and suggestions to meet the specific needs of your children, home situation or personal struggles you are having with play. Perfect for any parents or carers with babies or young children at home.

As you've probably seen in her play demonstrations, Claire is passionate about play and working hard to help others because it's certainly not easy! With a wealth of knowledge of young child development and realistic, simple and easy activity ideas, Claire is the person to talk to. The call will be relaxed and informal as she gets to know and offers her words of advice.

Claire is a qualified Early Years Specialist, with experience working in several Early Years settings as a teacher and in a management role. Claire is a Mum to 6 year old Mason and 6 month old baby Leo, so she has been there herself, many times over and knows it's not an easy ride!

During this phone call or video call, you can ask Claire anything about play, your children or for general advice. The coaching session is suitable for play at home with babies up to 5 years old.

Educators and Early Years Settings please contact Claire directly to arrange a practitioner coaching session.

Please note: This service is not suitable for children with Special Educational Needs and Claire recommends you seek advice from a specialist.

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