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Happy Playing Podcast


Happy Playing Podcast | Claire Russell playHOORAY


Previously known as the playPROMPTS podcast, Happy Playing has been brought back to life! Listen as Claire, mum of two, early years specialist and founder of playHOORAY! shares her love for all things PLAY! 

You can find all previously recorded and new episodes on all podcast platforms! 

Expect to hear activity ideas for babies, toddlers and big kids! Helpful tips and advice from her experience as a mum and former teacher and hopefully some like minded playful guests too! 

Please share any podcast topics or guests that you would love to listen to via email to Claire with the subject line ‘podcast’ to hello@playhooray.co.uk


Ep1 : playPROMPTS Podcast

Ep 2 : Who is behind playPROMPTS?

Ep 3 : What are playPROMPTS?

Ep 4 : How to help little hands

Ep 5 : How to help little talkers

Ep 6 : How to encourage mark making

Ep 7 : Travelling with tots

Ep 8 : How to add variety to play

Ep 9 : How to jazz up bath time

Ep 10 : How to add a lease of life to your outdoor play

Ep 11 : How to avoid dinner prep dread!

Ep 12 : Preparing for Starting School in September

Ep 13 : How to entertain kids at a wedding

Ep 14 : How to get big kids playing

Ep 15: Planning your play in advance

Ep 16 : Play Mate Emma Thompson, founder of Little Hotdog Watson

Ep 17 : The playHOORAY! Handbook

Ep 18: Play Guest Susie founder of Totter and Tumble play mats

Episode 19: Managing Screen Time

Episode 20: Easy Ways to Try Messy Play

Episode 21: Encouraging Tired Kids to Play After School 

Episode 22: Starting School in September

Episode 23: Encouraging Kids to Play Outside

Episode 24: Losing My Identity After Having a Baby