The playHOORAY! Handbook

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100 Fun Activities for Busy Parents Who Want to Play

Five years ago when I had Mason, little did I know how hard I would find the days at home with a small baby, however play saved me. As an Early Years Specialist I was able to uses my experience from working with children to create simple play ideas to keep my young child entertained.
Since then, I have made it my mission to help fellow parents with babies and young children at home to discover the wonderful world of play. playHOORAY! has grown into a supportive online community and I cannot believe the amazing opportunities that have come my way...but writing this book is an absolute dream!
The playHOORAY! Handbook has been created to share lots of fun and easy play ideas you can do at home with items you probably already have around the house and will allow you a moment with a hot cuppa while the kids play! I have also shared lots of tips and advice for creating a playful home and how to support your child's development.
Happy Playing!
Claire x


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