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Work with Claire

Collaborate with Early Years Educator & Purposeful Play Expert, Claire Russell, Founder of playHOORAY! and creator of playPROMPTS


Play has a powerful place in the lives of young children.

It gives them the freedom to investigate, imagine, express themselves, and practice important skills.

From birth, children learn from playful exploratioand the loving attention of their caregivers. But as parents, finding inspiration and working out HOW to stimulate little ones while at home can be really tough-particularly when you’re existing on very little sleep and trying to fill long days home alone, as I was!

playHOORAY! was launched in 2016 to empower parents with the tools & ideas to make play doable again, even when exhausted. Every playHOORAY! product is developed with the aim of engaging young minds plus making sure parents can finally enjoy a hot cup of tea! It’s all about being realistic and accessible.

Children can find the simplest things fascinating. All we need to do is find ways to invite them into the fun and let them lead the way as their own play expert!


As an early years educator & purposeful play expert, I am passionate about teaching others how play can help children reach their developmental milestones, build important family bonds, and give children & their caregivers the confidence to thrive.

I’m determined to show as many parents as possible that expensive toys and picture-perfect set-ups are not required to provide children with incredible invitations to play. And that you don’t need to spend hours making your own playdough or being as energetic as children’s TV presenter! I'm a mum myself, I get it! 

Sharing the power of play globally

I’m thrilled to have supported some of the world’s leading play brands, including: Lego, Cocomelon, BBC Bitesize, Mother & Baby Magazine, Cry Babies, Osmo and Usborne Books. 

My book, The playHOORAY! Handbook has been endorsed by Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and my playPROMPTS have been featured on Steph’s Packed Lunch as well as in Mother & Baby magazine.

I’m also a proud ambassador of the charity ‘PEEPLE’alongside CBeebies’ presenter Nigel Clarke. Peeple train practitioners in the importance of play on child development, and also consult on ‘The Baby Club’ TV series.

As a business owner, I was also delighted to be chosen for second-place in the Female Entrepreneurs of the Year Award 2019

To work with Claire, email Serena@bevjames.com