Little Robin Red Vest Activities

Firstly I have to confess I jumped for joy when I head this lovely book had come back into print!

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Little Robin Red vest book

For all of you wondering, a couple of years ago I shared Little Robin Red Vest in a video when introducing the Christmas Book Advent Calendar idea. I mentioned that it was my favourite however it was no longer in print.

A lucky, lucky, handful of you managed to get copies in charity shops etc at a bargain price but some copies on eBay we’re going for crazy money!

Then bingo! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the book first being published, it has made a return to many online stores! Of course, despite having a tiny version I bought several for my friends children.

I love this little book as it’s a heartwarming story about a generous little Robin who puts his friends needs before his own and with a surprise visit from someone in a red suit!! But alongside that it also offers lots of opportunities for play activities.

I have used this book for many years in the classroom but of course these are also perfect for play at home too!

Here are just five activities I like to do inspired by Little Robin Red Vest.

1.Colour Sorting

Cut out some simple vest shapes from colour card or felt to use for dressing the Little Robin. Can they remember the order of the colours from the story?

2.Days of the Week

This book goes through the days of the week. Have them written out on post it notes and see if your children can attempt to read them by using the first letter as a clue and can they stick them in the order of the days of the week?

3.Washing Line

Create a little washing line with string and pegs between chair legs to hang out paper cut out clothes!

4.Bird feeders

As the weather gets cold and animals find it hard to get food why not create a simple bird feeder and watch the birds that appear in your garden. Can you spot a Little Robin? Is he wearing his red vest?!

5.Build a Snow Scene

As we see Little Robin Red Vest having to make his way through the cold weather, can you make a snowy scene using a white sheet or even flour for pretend animals to play in and perhaps act out the story of Little Robin Red Vest?

I’d love to see your Little Robin Red Vest inspired play so please share your play pics using @play.hooray

Happy playing!

Claire x