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playHOORAY! Gift Guide

It's always hard buying for little want to get them something they will get plenty of use from for many years! And so what better than to have a list of items suggested by fellow playful parents, carers and educators from our awesome playHOORAY! Community! (which you are super welcome to join, click here!) Simply click on the images to download the list of resources for next time you're shopping for gifts or click the link below the image to shop most of the items on Amazon (aff link)...and then of course, head to the playHOORAY! shop to browse our playful products too!  Happy Shopping, Happy Playing! click here to shop the BABY gift list of items on Amazon (aff link)...

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Play for All Ages!

With the thought of schools possibly closing (or for many schools already closed) the idea of having the kids at home all day to entertain can fill us with dread! Especially if you are also trying to hold down a job or care for younger siblings too. A difficult task indeed. Therefore, I have created lots of free downloads for you to print and use at home catering for lots of ages of children. I am guessing if schools do close they will be providing school work/ homework to keep children learning. However, we all know they won't want to do that all day everyday so play is a great way to break up the day but continue to support...

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