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Play Collections

Real world collections of everyday household items are a great resource for encouraging your children to engage in role play, helping to support their learning and understanding of the real world while stimulating their imagination. Before I throw anything out or in to the recycling, I always consider whether it might be repurposed for one of our many collections. Do the same and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you build up your own. Here’s just a few of our role play collections and ideas for what to include: Hairdressers – Bottles, toiletries, old hairdryers or straighteners (with the cord cut off), brushes and combs, telephone, mirrors, scissors (just make sure they’re children’s ones!), diary, hair magazines. Shops – Calculator,...

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Routines and Structuring Your Day

Whether at home with a toddler or facing the school holidays, we all know that having some kind of structure to the day can help and kids enjoy it too because they like to know what’s going to be happening during the day ahead. So, I have two top tips for helping to structure your days. Visual Timetables The first, is to grab a notepad and paper and over breakfast, try drawing out your day together. It needn’t be a piece of art, just symbols or stick drawings are perfectly suffice and avoid it being too detailed or rigid. Think simple. Children can then refer back to this visual timetable throughout the day to see what’s coming up next. It’s...

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Red Nose Day Play

National awareness days like Comic Relief provide the perfect reason to theme your play!   Here’s just a few ideas to help inspire your ‘Red Nose Day’ activities!   Make your own red nose! Bake cupcakes with red faces or rice crispy cakes with cherries on top! Make red bunting to hang in the windows Have a red themed day! Get out the red play dough, make a red themed sensory basket, or dress up in red! Cut out or draw face templates and invite your child to stick bright red pom poms on as noses!   This year is all about superheroes so why not make up your own! What will they look like? What will they wear? What...

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