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Taste Safe Play Ideas

Ahhh it’s so hard isn’t it when your little one puts everything in their mouth and I mean everything!! You want to do all the activities that you’ve seen on Pinterest but you just now whatever you put out will end up in the mouth! So I’m hoping this blog post can help provide you with some ideas. Before we start, do you know why babies i’m toddlers put everything in their mouth? Well from about three months as their hand eye coordination improves, they learn how to reach out and grab objects, and a baby will instinctively put it into their mouth and this is how they explore the world. The mouth is full of sensory nerve endings and...

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Free Downloads

Surely one of these will get the kids playing?! Click on your chosen image to download, print out and PLAY!! OOOh! And remember to tag @play.hooray and @playprompts in your play pictures so that we can see what you're getting up to! Happy Playing! Claire x  

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Continue the Play After The Baby Club

If you haven't seen it yet, The Baby Club is a new TV programme available on Cbeebies and BBC iplayer to interact and stimulate young babies. Having said that, Mason is four now and he was gripped watching it too! I think one of the main reasons I adore this new show is because it shows parents and carers how household items can provide lots of entertainment at home, which you know is something close to my heart and the reason why I developed playPROMPTS activity cards. And because they're household items, you can have them ready before the shows starts so you can join in at home. If you follow the presenters or The Baby Club on social media,...

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