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Learning Through Music

Guest blog post by Lauren Elliott Did you know that your child’s hearing is their most developed sense at the time of birth? And that they are able to hear from around the 16th week of your pregnancy? Your child’s ears are filled with music and the sound of the voices they love the most, long before they are even born. We can embrace this in our play, from birth and right through childhood! My name is Lauren Elliott, and I am the cofounder of Elegie School of Music in Solihull. I have a 2-year-old son and a 6-month-ld daughter. I am passionate about ensuring that the lives of children are filled with music - I provide lots of ideas...

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the playHOORAY! easy, no cook, never fails play dough recipe!!

here's my recipe for play dough! I created it when Mason was tiny and have used it ever since. It's the simplest play dough recipe I have ever done and thank goodness it doesn't need to be cooked!! It smells gorgeous and really moisturising for little hands. I have designed it to be as easy as possible, hence all measurements in cups! Please note: this recipe contains coconut oil so please check for allergies and due to the high salt content it is NOT safe for children to eat! You will need: 1 cup of plain flour (additional 1/2 cup for consistency) 1/4 cup of salt 10g cream of tartar 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 1/2 cup of boiled water...

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Guest Blog Post: Sit Still and Listen!

Guest blog post by Vicky Robinson, Children's Occupational Therapist How many times have we said this to our kids?!  Did you know that children NEED to move their bodies in order to stay focused and learn? And this goes for all children actually, whether they’re 2 or 12…movement is so important at all ages. As an adult, have you ever had to sit through a lecture or a long film, and find yourself swinging or tapping your foot, chewing your pen, biting your lip, fiddling with your hair, shifting position in your chair every few minutes or doodling on some paper? Even as adults, we find it so difficult to sit still and concentrate, so you can imagine what it...

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skiing with kids

Taking Mason skiing for the first time!   My family ski and I have skied for many years, I'm no pro but I can get down the mountain confidently. My husband has grown up skiing from a young age, he is a confident and stylish skier and this year he insisted on yellow trousers but that's another story!!     So a family of skiiers we knew we wanted to introduce Mason from a young age. He's just turned four, with no fear and low centre of gravity he is sturdy and stable and we felt ready to be taken on a skiing holiday. We visited Montgenèvre, France with my parents and stayed in a self catering apartment.   Luckily...

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2019 Play Predictions

So thinking forward to the year ahead, I've made some predictions about play in 2019... 1. Less single use plastic- as many of us are keen to have a positive impact on our planet for future generations, we are going to be more conscious when choosing to use plastic in play, particularly single use. Wooden and metal resources as fanastic alternatives and not always the expensive option2. Outdoor play- hand in hand with less plastic means children exploring nature and the outdoors. Introducing nature to children at a young age can encourage curiosity and appreciation for the world around them.3. Play dates- it can be a lonely business being a parent or carer at home with young ones all day....

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