0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!
0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!
0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!
0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!
0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!
0nline Course: More Than Counting - playHOORAY!

0nline Course: More Than Counting

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Is your child starting to notice numbers when you're out and about? Or have you noticed them starting to use numbers in their play? Or perhaps your child hasn't started counting yet and you'd like to help them start?

Then this online course would be ideal for you and your young child!


The More Than Counting online course has been created for parents to help their children to fully understand numbers from a young age. The course unpicks the stages of learning to count into manageable chapters with lots of theory and playful activity ideas for you to do at home.

The course starts with the early stages of introducing number at home, through songs, counting and at other times of the day and then progresses onto the ways you can teach your child not only to count but to FULLY grasp number allowing them to solve problems and even early calculations.

This course includes one downloadable booklet and video tutorial for each of the 12 chapters and 55 activity ideas to support learning across the course. A resource pack with downloadable resources and book list is also included.

All children grow and develop at their own pace. The first chapter of this course can start as young as 18 months, however the majority of this course is primarily aimed at children aged 3 years and over, the final section of the course is aimed at children approximately over 5 years old. The More Than Counting online course is designed to support your child as they grow and develop their understanding of number.

There is no time limit to complete the More Than Counting online course as we encourage you to go at the pace of your child. All written, designed and created by Claire Russell, Early Years Specialist.


This course has been split into three chapters to help your child to fully understand maths and counting:

Fun Foundations

  1. Natural Maths
  2. Introducing Maths
  3. Mark Making in Maths

Fully Understanding Number (F.U.N.)

  1. Counting with Accuracy
  2. Linking Digits and Value
  3. Playing with Ten
  4. Ordering and Number Line
  5. Playing with 20

Rising Maths

  1. Early Calculations
  2. Big Numbers
  3. Playfully Problem Solving


By completing this course, your child will:

  • Feel confident about mathematics including numbers and counting
  • Develop pre-counting skills for building complex understanding
  • Recognise and begin to form digits
  • Count with accuracy
  • Link digits to their value
  • Order numbers and become familiar with a number line and ten frame
  • Begin to solve basic calculations
  • Explore the concept of ten and twenty
  • Begin to comprehend big numbers and place value
  • Solve problems with increasing confidence and independence


When purchasing the More Than Counting Online Course you will automatically be sent a welcome email to the email used at the check out. This email will contain your log in details and password so keep it safe! If for any reason your email does not arrive within 24 hours please check your junk mail folders and failing that please contact hello@playhooray.co.uk and we can help you!