Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!
Online Course: More Than Counting | playHOORAY!

Online Course: More Than Counting

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Get your little wonders number confident from the get-go while keeping learning fun. 

As a parent or carer, here's what you'll get out of the course:

You’ll learn trusted methods to ensure your little one has a good grasp of numbers and counting.

Find out when to introduce counting to your young child and what to do if they’re not a number fan.

Feel confident teaching your youngster specialised strategies for supporting the next steps of their learning.

Expand your understanding of how kids are taught maths in school so that you can continue to support and encourage at home.

Learn the know-how to make playful games into educational activities that your child will find fun to practise mathematical skills without buying more resources or toys.

Join over 2,000 families following this training to help learn maths at home a whole lot more fun and easier!

More Than Counting includes 12 essential chapters and 55 activity ideas to get your young’uns into the maths mood. You’ll get a downloadable booklet and video tutorial for each chapter, plus a resource pack with downloadable resources and book list!


All children develop and blossom at their own pace, especially with learning. The first chapter of this course is mostly aimed at children aged 3 years and over, and the final section of the course aimed for this over 5 years old. But if you think you’ve got a little genius on your hands, you can start the first chapter as young as 18 months!


This online course is designed to support your child as they grow their curiosity into learning and understanding the world of numbers. There is no time limit to complete the More Than Counting Online Course, just go at the pace of your child so they can gain all the benefits. All written, designed and created by Claire Russell, Early Years Specialist. 

This course has been split into three main segments, perfect for small attention spans, little rascals and their study buddy. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

Fun Foundations

  1. Natural Maths
  2. Introducing Maths
  3. Mark Making in Maths

 Fully Understanding Numbers (F.U.N.)

  1. Counting with Accuracy
  2. Linking Digits and Value
  3. Playing with Ten
  4. Ordering and Number Line
  5. Playing with 20

Rising Maths

  1. Early Calculations
  2. Big Numbers
  3. Playfully Problem Solving

How will your youngster feel by completing the course?

  • Feel confident about maths at school and home, including numbers and counting
  • Develop pre-counting skills for building complex understanding
  • Recognise and begin to form digits
  • Count with accuracy
  • Link digits to their value
  • Order numbers and become familiar with a number line and ten frame
  • Begin to solve basic calculations
  • Explore the concept of ten and twenty
  • Begin to comprehend big numbers and place value
  • Solve problems with increasing confidence and independence

Hit BUY IT NOW and get your kids into the groove of fun learning!

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Customer Reviews:

"I bought the course (More Than Counting) last night and listened to the first few videos and read the booklets...thank you so much, there's so much more in the course than I expected!"

"Thank you! You've made me fall in love with my job again, it's been a tough slog childminding during lockdown but the course has made such a difference- the children are so excited everyday!"

"I've just started the More Than Counting course. I'm so pleased I decided to go for it, it's easy to use and follow. I would highly recommend Claire, I'm a big fan playHOORAY! and you have blown me away again with your fabulous ideas and knowledge, thank you xx"

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