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Everyday Adventures : National Play Day

To celebrate National Play Day 2020, here is a blog full of activity ideas, books, resources, small businesses and even a freebie download to celebrate this years theme Everyday Adventures

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Ways to Play with Washi Tape

Ok so you’ve bought a multi pack of brightly coloured washi tape mainly because I’ve told you that you NEED it in your play cupboard...but now what?!  I get asked what to do with Washi Tape at least once a day, so thought it was time to write a list of simple ideas. To be honest I had all intentions of making this a fancy download sheet however as I’m in lockdown just like you, I’m sure you can sympathise that I am struggling to find a child free hour in the day at the moment, when I do a moment, I have a list as long as my arm to get done!!  So for now, please bear with my...

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Summer Holiday Survival

Visual timetables: Time is a tricky concept to young children so when we are talking about the weeks of the summer holidays or counting down to an event it can help be really useful to help them visualise the days. Try having a weekly calendar with a peg or sticker to mark the days of the week. This also works really well for counting down to holidays or birthdays too!!   Prepare for the day: Some children can find it hard to be ‘off timetable’ they like routine and like to know what is happening. That’s why you can often be asked a hundred times when Grandma is arriving! Therefore something I like to do with Mason in the morning...

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