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You're Never Too Old To Play!

October 30, 2018  |  Rachel One of the hardest and saddest things is when the play seems to stop. Some of it’s the kids. Some of it’s us. We’ve spent a lot of time being very needed and reaching a point of being less so is both liberating and a bit heartbreaking.    But I’m here to tell you that play with older ones is so vital and here’s how to do it!    For our older children there are a number of new experiences and opportunities for them that arise every day. If we don’t give them the opportunity to rehearse these they can feel anxious or feel a sense of failure if they do something and not be...

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Start Here!

I know it can be overwhelming when it comes to play, where do you start? I am very aware that I share so many activities, ideas and resources it can be tricky to pinpoint a starting point. So I've made you one- here it is! So we're going to start by making sure we have a good stock of resources in our cupboard that will support our play. Now don't panic, it does not need to be expensive. Hopefully you know me by now to know that everything I do is designed to inspire you, not make you feel like you need to spend lots of money, because when it comes to play, that is not the answer! Instead I...

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Stocking Fillers!

November 21, 2018  |  Claire Russell   In response to the many, many, MANY questions about stocking fillers on our social media pages, I just had to write a little list of my favourite stocking fillers in the hope of providing some inspiration!   There are so many wonderful bits and pieces out there to pop in little ones stockings that don't have to cost the earth but will provide more entertainment than a piece of plastic tat- because we all have enough of that already don't we!!   So here's my quick list of stocking filler suggestions! Please note, I have tagged some small businesses but these are not paid or gifted ads, they are just amazing people creating...

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