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Lost in Play

I've always believed that play is a universal language for children. We often hear educators proclaiming the importance of children playing (me included!) and it is true. There are so so many benefits to child development through the art of play BUT its only a worthwhile cause if the child is engaged in QUALITY play.   Quality play is when a child is engaged, engrossed and following their interests. This means they are able to completely lose themselves in their imagination and ignore any distractions around them. However, children need to be taught how to play, how to use their toys and how to use their surroundings.   For example, if you set up a shop for your child to play with, would they...

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Drowning in Toys- Toy Rotation

Hands up if your house is currently swamped in toys. Yep?! Yeah me too. Mason's birthday is two weeks before Christmas during the month of December our house is suddenly awash with toys, toys and more toys. So I have a suggestion to keep on top of it all but I warn you there are several stages; making a start, wishing you'd never started and then relief when its done!! Trust me it will be worth it, it just takes a bit of sorting. I'd suggest a Sunday and preferably when the kids aren't around because we just know they will want to play with EVERYTHING! So when the husband says he's going to take the dog out (which we...

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Play Cupboard Essentials

I am often asked about the resources I keep and how I store them for the activities I do with my toddler. So here it is folks, I've finally sat down to write a list of the items I feel are essential for setting up play activities.  I am hoping when you read this you will be pleasantly surprised at how many of the items you already have and that the rest could probably be located in a local pound shop, charity shop or a second hand site like Gumtree. As I always say, you do not need a house full of expensive toys to keep a young child entertained!!   Essentials: - muffin trays, egg boxes, boxes - small plastic...

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Visiting family and friends with a toddler

August 4, 2017  |  Claire Russell It's the summer holidays and you've decided to pack up the car and head off to see family and friends. After the days of packing for a baby, you're used to leaving the house with every possible item you own. However your baby is growing up now and it's lovely to leave the house with a bag rather than a suitcase, just the same as it's nice to travel in the car without your knees around your chin with a foot well and every other space in the car filled with 'essentials'. So I'm here to help you travel lightly yet still find ways of keeping your toddler occupied when you go to visit family and friends....

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Autumn Resource Wish List

September 3, 2017  |  Claire Russell As the Summer holidays draw to a close, I thought it was time to look ahead to the next season...Autumn. This is a lovely season, with lots of celebrations and changes happening in the natural environment for young children to observe.   So here's my list of resources I feel is worth collecting or keeping a look out in the shops ready for the new season...   1. Take out a collection of autumnal themed books both fiction and non-ficiton from a local library It's nice to have a breath of fresh new books to add to your collection. If you're anything like us you end up reading the same ones over and over again!...

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