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Baby Play Essentials

August 21, 2018  |  Claire Russell Whether you've treated yourself you and your baby to a pack of the first year playPROMPTS or you've bought them as a gift for a friend, I am often asked for a list of essential items for baby play.   Now the whole idea behind all of the pack of playPROMPTS is that they support you to entertain your baby or young child at home without feeling the need to buy yet MORE toys! And more often than not, you will be surprised at the play potential in everyday items you already have around the house!   However, there are a few bits and pieces you can pick up in pound shops, supermarkets, second hand websites or...

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Free days out with young children

August 26, 2018  |  Claire Russell Two days ago I asked my wonderful followers for ways to spend time with children and in true form they certainly delivered!  I think it’s so important, especially during school holidays that parents and carers do not feel pressured to pay huge chunks of money for days out as more often than not, our young children can be entertained on little or no money. I must admit, I try to get my three and a half year old out everyday. We get up and go out first thing in the morning, return home for lunch and then we have the rest of the afternoon to spend at home playing at our own pace. I...

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The playHOORAY! Gift Guide

September 19, 2018  |  Claire Russell Whether you're buying for your own children or for someone else, it's always tricky when it comes to birthdays, Christmas or special events when buying gifts.   We all know, more often than not, the children already have a houseful of toys and you just don't want to add to that pile. Also, toys are expensive! I only learnt this once I had a child of my own. Toys can cost a lot of money, and if they offer little opportunities for play then they can be a huge waste of money. And that's without talking about how ugly they can be sat in your once so beautifully decorated lounge!!   The thing is,...

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To Buy or Not To Buy a Tuff Spot?

October 8, 2018  |  Claire Russell Since starting playHOORAY! I have been singing the praises of the Tuff Spot and it's potential for play. Previously a hidden gem in Early Years Settings, the Tuff Spot is becoming more popular in homes with babies and young children! Of course, I am not claiming to be solely responsible for this change however I do receive messages on a regular basis, thanking me for introducing them to the wonderful world of Tuff Spots.    However, purchasing a Tuff Spot is a big decision. I know, it is. But hopefully here I can help you to decide because yes the Tuff Spot is a wonderful resource with lots of play potential, but there are...

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